Thanksgiving Stories for Children

Thanksgiving books for children – the real Thanksgiving story, non-fiction books, and silly stories.

Thanksgiving books for kids

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Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Picture books are a wonderful way to teach children about a history based holiday. This post features nonfiction accounts of Thanksgiving as well as fictional reads – some serious, and others silly.

Nonfiction Thanksgiving Stories

Thanksgiving is based on a historical event! Here are some nonfiction picture books to help children understand the origin of our Thanksgiving holiday.

The First Thanksgiving Story

The First Thanksgiving is a text heavy picture book, but the illustrations are beautiful. The pictures along with the thoughtful text make this my top pick as a picture book that tells the original Thanksgiving story.

Inspirational Thanksgiving Stories

Thanksgiving in the Woods is the true story of a family who, for over twenty years, hosted an outdoor Thanksgiving feast in the woods on their Upstate New York farm.

Thanksgiving books for kids

Fiction Thanksgiving Stories

Thanksgiving fiction for kids offers a fun mix of gratitude and laughter.

Gratitude Themed Thanksgiving Picture Books

Pair this cute gratitude tree printable from Mama Smiles with these books.

The beautifully illustrated Thanks for Thanksgiving combines a gratitude theme with lots of old-timey Thanksgiving traditions.

I love the gratitude and friendship theme of Bear Gives Thanks. Bear wants to throw a feast for his friends, but he has nothing. Fortunately his friends each bring a dish to share.

Thankful is a book about gratitude with no clear Thanksgiving tie-in, but the theme of the book makes it a wonderful read for this time of year! Elaine Vickers’ text is sweet, and we love Samantha Cotterill’s illustrations.

Silly Thanksgiving Stories

I love the description of Peyton as particular rather than picky in Peyton Picks the Perfect Pie. Thanksgiving does include a lot of foods that kids don’t eat at other times of the year, and that can be challenging for “particular” eaters. The book also includes a recipe for the perfect pie from America’s Test Kitchen.

A turkey works to find a way out of being Thanksgiving dinner in Turkey Trouble. I do know some parents feel like this book makes their children too reluctant to eat meat. This book pairs well with this Turkey in Disguise craft.

How to Catch a Turkey is another book that pairs beautifully with disguising a turkey. A turkey is running loose in the school right before their Thanksgiving play. What to do?! Don’t worry, this has a happy ending. It is also another book that may lead children to refuse their turkey dinner.

You don’t get much sillier for Thanskgiving than There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey! Kids will giggle away at this riff that classic children’s rhyme, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.

Thanksgiving Stories

What are your favorite Thanksgiving stories for children?

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