Best Picture Books for Valentine’s Day

Our best pictures books for Valentine’s Day – top picks to read aloud, and for kids to read to themselves.

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Our best pictures books for Valentine's Day - top picks to read aloud, and for kids to read to themselves.

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Our Favorite Valentine Picture Books for Kids

Reading a book – out loud or silently – is the perfect way to celebrate any holiday! Here are some of our favorite picture books to read as you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Perfect Valentine

It’s frustrating when you have an idea of how you want something to look and you don’t have the skills to make it! In A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Perfect Valentine, this theme is explored through a unicorn who struggles to craft with hoofs instead of hands.

Here Comes Valentine Cat

Cat doesn’t like the dog next door because he thinks he’s mean. But is he, really? Here Comes Valentine Cat is a book that keeps you guessing about the plot right up until the end.

The Day It Rained Hearts

In the adorable classic The Day It Rained Hearts, hearts rain down from the sky. Young Cornelia Augusta realizes that it must be close to Valentine’s Day! She gathers up the hearts, and sends them to all of her animal friends. This is a great book to read before your child begins making their valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

Long term fans of this series will recognize characters from previous books in Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

This short board book doesn’t feature the cause and effect storyline that you find in other Mouse books. Instead, the mouse thinks about the personality traits of all of his friends as he creates their Valentines. It’s a quick read with a cute surprise ending.

Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool

If you have a child who is feeling reluctant about this holiday, Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool is the book for you! This story also acknowledges that it can sometimes be a little bit stressful getting all of those valentine’s day cards made.

Love from the Crayons

It’s easy to love the color-themed Valentine picture book Love from the Crayons. Each page explains why love is a different color of the rainbow. It’s a simple, sweet, and engaging read.

Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day

Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day is a sweet read for younger readers. Life the flaps pages add an interactive element. There are so many books featuring this adorable puppy, and they are always a hit with kids when I read them. I also like that this book has valentines for a range of people, and not only classmates.

Valentine's day themed picture books for kids

What Valentine themed picture books would you add to our list?

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